Web Development

Published 2022 June 28, edited 2022 December 19
Web Development

From the beggining

My first platform

I started web development back in 2018 when I was 14 (seventh grader in hungary). I started learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the good old frontend web stack. For two years I concentrated on learning other technologies (mostly mobile).

My comeback for web dev was the first iteration of my website. For that I used the same frontend stack. In 2021 I released the second version of my website, in which I used React.

My projects

My work since 2018

kekesi.dev in 2020

I bought the domain then I made the first version all in some weeks. It was up to date with the projects but wasn't feeling that responsive since it had no support for mobile screens.

kekesi.dev in 2021

The new site is a full rewrite of the original. It's mobile friendly, has animations and better refreshed UI. It's now home for more complex features and structure, yet has more simple code.
The biggest core change is that the site is using an API I made. It uses it to render projects and articles (as well as this text) and bigger objects like bundles of projects, images. It's biggest advantage is that if a projects name is changes I need to change one thing.

As for the future

Web technologies I want to learn in 2022

I'm planning to make Preacher available for the users of the web. For this project I'm planning to use Vue.js or Ruby on Rails.

For a future yet nameless project I'm planning to use Next.js, Tailwind CSS for building and Vercel for hosting it.