Published 2022 June 28, edited 2022 December 19
Mobile Development
Web Development

$ whoami

My name is Kristóf Kékesi. I'm a 18 years old Hungarian programmer. I'm currently studing in a Hungarian high school near Budapest, from where I will be graduating in 2023 as a math and CS major.


Web Development

I started learning web development in 2018. Since then I tried myself in other platforms as well.

2020 was the first year I took programming seriosly. I started making my porfolio site where I could display my projects. For that I bought this domain. The site was never really finished, so I rewrote the entire site from ground up using React and JavaScript.


Mobile Development

After I learnt the basics of the web I started making apps for mobiles. In 2020 I'we released several mobile apps including Elements and NASA Mira. For now I only know Flutter, but in the future I would like to learn Swift and Kotlin.

As for the future

Web Development

I'm planning to make Preacher available for the users of the web. For this project I'm planning to use Vue.js or Ruby on Rails.

For a future yet nameless project I'm planning to use Next.js, Tailwind CSS for building and Vercel for hosting it.

Mobile Development

Next year I want to learn Kotlin as I will be building a simple Android app with it. For this project I'm planning to use Supabase for cloud storage.

I would like to learn Swift with UIKit and SwiftUI which, however this is not certain since I don't have a Mac yet (Waiting for the M1X MacBook Pro).

Highlighted projects