Published 2022 June 28, edited 2022 December 19

Why I started translating

More and more people can understand english, but it's still a small portion of the hungarian population. Basic tools (like the first project I translated) should be available for anyone, especially if they are as good as Notepads or Files.


to translate from and for

I'm fluently speaking hungarian, my mother language. I'm currently learning english which I started in 2015, and german.
For most of my translations I translate from english to hungarian. I've translated several UWP applications, as well as some for Swift projects, but I'm open for other platforms too. If you are in need of a hungarian translator feel free to contact me.

UWP Apps Translated

Swift Apps Translated

Past projects

10+ projects as a translator

My first program I translated were Notepads. A modern, lightweight text editor with a minimalist design, by Jiaqi Liu. It's a UWP application for Windows.