Mobile Development

Published 2022 June 28, edited 2022 December 19
Mobile Development

After Web Development

Second platform I've learned

After web development I started learning Flutter and Dart. I started working on NASA Mira but I stoped developing it after one month. I focused on other things that time so I dropped mobile development for half a year. Next year I continued Mobile Development with another idea. I made Elements, my first commercially available mobile app. That summer I shipped NASA Mira as well. 2020 was a big year in mobile development for me, I released Preacher that autumn.

Mobile projects

since 2020

NASA Mira in 2020

NASA Mira was my first idea I made to a mobile app. It was simple but since I had no UI / UX experience the design was nowhere near the final 2021 product.

Elements in 2020

Elements was my first downloadable mobile app. I made it in Dart with Flutter. Since it's first version it has become more powerfull and usefull. It got an isotope update, more selectors and even more.

Preacher in 2020

Preacher is an online religious book reader. Now it's only for hungarian books, but it's waiting for it's big update in 2022.

NASA Mira in 2021

NASA Mira version 2 is all about power and functionality. Since version previous versions it got a UI and UX refresh, more rover support and yet more to come in 2022 with version 2.5.

As for the future

Mobile technologies I want to learn in 2022

Next year I want to learn Kotlin as I will be building a simple Android app with it. For this project I'm planning to use Supabase for cloud storage.

I would like to learn Swift with UIKit and SwiftUI which, however is not certain since I don't have a Mac yet (Waiting for the M1X MacBook Pro).

Hey! It's future me. Got the new MBP 14", Swift will happen this year!

ESA Mira